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Just A Little About Us

Who we are, where we came from, and where we are going 

Who we are...

Founder and President John Godwin

Vice President Michael Godwin

Dothan Tarpaulin Products started in 1981 with one man, John Godwin, making flatbed tarps out of his garage and selling them from the tailgate of his truck. The company has grown considerably since then, opening shops in four cities that span the north, south, east, and west creating a fast and efficient network. We pride ourselves in maintaining our small town identity while also competing on a national level, meeting your professional needs in a personal way. Through Dothan Tarp's constant growth, we have maintained our unique personal touch that keeps our customers satisfied. Today, John Godwin's son, Michael continues the legacy with the same priciples DTP was founded on, now with more than 100,000+ sq. ft. of production/repair area, the ability to produce well over 100 tarps a day, 45+ employees,and a sales team with 120+ yrs of industry experience. DTP has also expanded its territory with facilities in Dothan, AL, Shreveport, LA, Birmingham, AL, and Athens, AL. We are very proud of our history and know we and our customers can be confident in our future.


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