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Our Process




All of our tarps begin basically the same, as a 60” roll of PVC coated polyester vinyl in whatever weight and color the customer has requested. Our tarps are then processed through a Miller WeldMaster M100 where each seam is heated to 1300+ degrees and then compressed together guaranteeing a perfect bond between each piece of vinyl to form a single sheet made to whatever size the customer has requested. 


From there each tarp receives a 2” hem that not only creates a more durable border for the tarp but seals a ¼” poly rope to increase durability and handling. This rope hem is a Dothan Tarpaulin Products original innovation and we are still one of the few to manufacturers tarps in this superior method.


The next step for your tarp is the sewing department where hi-strength webbing, and steel D-Rings are sewn onto your tarp at 30" intervals or according to your specifications and style. Seatbelt webbing is also available upon request. It's at this point that grommets/eyelets are installed onto the tarps hem for a more secure tie down options.


Our finishing department puts the finishing touches on your product in the next step by stenciling your company's name or logo on your tarp. We do not paint these on the tarp, instead we ink them on to ensure their longevity against UV rays and the elements. 


Finally, your tarps are rolled up and packaged for delivery or shipping to your location.


For more information on our products and services please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-844-8277 or click the contact us form to send one of our associates an email.


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